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How we work

We have set up a strict procedures within our company to be sure that we can deliver the best customer experience.

First we start with listening to our customers needs and than we point them to the right specialist in our company.

Incoming request

  1. Analize customer needs
  2. Bringing the customer into contact with our specialist
  3. Share technical know-how
  4. Find the solution
  5. Deliver the right equipment
To be sure that we deliver the right machines we have a jobs -to- be-done list for our team to follow:

Incoming machine

  1. Cleaning
  2. Inspection & Testing
  3. Reparation & Maintenance
  4. Sale and delivery
  5. Aftersales

We follow these steps to be sure that we are the best solution for the purchase of your new or used equipment. We have build a good reputation over the years resulting in many returning customers all over the world.

We believe that the focus on our customers is the key to our succes since 2006.

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Direct contact

Direct contact

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We sell different kinds of types and brands, from large machines, till small excavators.

Service & maintenance


In our fully equipped workshop we can carry out all repairs and maintance.

About us

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We sell, rent and trade world wide!

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